The world is entering a period of decarbonisation and there is need for a secure, affordable base load energy supply. Economic development cannot depend any longer just on the traditional sources of energy e.g. oil, gas and coal. Alternative and renewable sources of energy are becoming vital for sustainable development of the world. The availability and security of these resources are on the minds of many, from consumers to political leaders to company executives.

By developing projects that produce renewable energy, PowerWood provides benefits to its shareholders and to society at large. Energy is an essential component for everyday living and the production of thousands of everyday products, all of which improve living standards around the world.

Power Wood’s initial focus is on biomass where the directors have particular experience in sustainable material supplies, technology solutions and project management and finance as well as a developed pipeline of potential projects.

Our management team includes experts from the energy industry, natural resources and experienced financiers who can evaluate each prospective company and can provide expert analysis of the potential returns on every PowerWood investment.